Stop Google Play Ads

“I realize that advertising revenue is important to Google, but understand that Adblock Plus does not automatically block.

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The new Tetris app, which you can find on the App Store and on Google Play right now, is.

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Now one of the removed apps, AdBlock Plus, has hit back publicly.

multimedia apps and entertainment one-stop-shop Google Play. Kicking out ad blockers is just the latest move by Google to.

Two new batches of malicious apps have been found on the Google.

delivers ads. Sophos found 25 apps it describes as “fleeceware” that if their public download numbers are correct, and that is an.

Google removes Samsung’s first Android ad blocker from the Play Store – I appreciate your support of Google Play! Since the removal of Adblock.

Ultimately, it appears Google will not allow any third-party app to block ads on another company’s product, despite.

Google yanks Adblock Plus from Google Play, surprising nobody – The company has just removed the popular Adblock Plus app from Google Play, along with other ad.

Adblock Plus does not automatically block all ads; we simply allow users the choice whether.

The apps hide their icons, work in the background and start spamming their victims’ phones with ads. To make matters worse.

wouldn’t it have been better if Google just worked a little harder to.

AdBlock Plus has been dumped from the Google Play store, as has at least one other ad blocking app. The producers commented thusly: In a rather surprising move, Google removed Adblock Plus and.