Changing New Tab Page Firefox

Mozilla is bringing a voice assistant to its Firefox browser. The company has released an experimental, new add-on that.

switch to another tab, take the current web page’s screenshot, and.

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This way, you continue to remain focused on the same page, while opening the external links in the new tabs. This is how you can do in Internet Explorer, Firefox.

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Perhaps with an eye on the funding deal with Google that comes up for renewal at the end of this year, Mozilla said this week that ads are to be introduced to its Firefox browser. A blog post.

Firefox 63’s other prominent addition is to search with something Mozilla named "Search shortcuts," which appear on the browser’s new tab page.

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But this it quite useful and I’m using a browser’s default home page for the first time in many years! Firefox’s new tab page displays.

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Mozilla has revealed an upcoming change to Firefox that may not sit well with.

The boxes on the New Tab page contain, over time, websites the user has visited and such, but will — after.

Mozilla today announced plans to roll out Suggested Tiles, which push recommendations to users’ new tab page based on sites they have visited, to the Firefox.

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How to jazz up your Firefox new-tab page with the upcoming Activity Stream feature – But you don’t have to wait until later this year to try it out. If you want to jazz up your new-tab page in Firefox right now, install the Test Pilot version of Activity Stream for Firefox 45.

Change the 'New Tab' Page in FirefoxMozilla Resets Firefox 13 – There was a time when a new Mozilla Firefox release was primarily about unique features not seen elsewhere, features that would literally change the way we use the.

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