Flashlight App No Ads

The app is completely free, no ads or in-app purchases either. Tiny Flashlight is a free flashlight app that has pretty simple controls. It also has features like strobe lights and blinking lights.

When I downloaded the Flashlight.

that data with an ad network. But if I spend $0.99 for the paid version, all of that tracking goes away and I get a great app with no privacy concerns, Guerra.

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How ‘free’ are free apps? As the old adage goes, “There’s no such thing as a free.

they make you endure various types of ads. In the case of Brightest Flashlight, it turns out that.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, the "Brightest Flashlight" app.

would be shared with ad networks and other third parties. According to the FTC, the app, which has been downloaded.

iPhone owners bracing for possible power outages from the "storm of the century" can make sure a flashlight is handy by downloading a virtual one onto their devices. No matter how much I try to.

Your Flashlight App May Know Much More About You Than You’d Like – Here is a quick test to find out–check to see if you’ve downloaded one of the popular, free flashlight.

app developers or retailers, because I personally like to receive targeted ads.

Flashlight apps, being utility apps, weren’t that big an opportunity to begin with — the only business model being paid ads or downloads.

“According to Apple, no one wanted a flashy.

When I downloaded the Flashlight.

with ad networks. Guerra’s analysis found code in the app that could be used to do location tracking or access my address book, although there’s no.

This ultra compact power bank weighs only 4.4 ounces and has an LED flashlight. Amazon is offering.

use it on any device.