Shortcut To Reopen Closed Tab

You’ve closed.

reopen that tab, but that’s often all you want. And if you’ve accessed this list with a long-press, then that’s exactly what you want to do. Make two taps in the URL bar? Not me. I.

Most browsers now incorporate keyboard shortcuts and menu options to reopen closed tabs, but they vary depending on which one you’re using. Internet Explorer has been slow to pick up the baton, but in.

UndoClose keeps track of the windows you close and lets you reopen them with a keyboard shortcut. Just like reopening old browser tabs with Ctrl+Shift+T—one of our favorite keyboard shortcuts here at.

‘New tab’, ‘close other tabs’, ‘reopen closed window’ and ‘bookmark all tabs.

Luckily, there are still shortcuts to access many tab features even after they get erased from the dropdown menu.

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With iOS 5, Apple finally brought tabbed browsing to Safari, but they did even more than that: with it, they added a shortcut to reopen tabs you’ve accidentally closed. Just like Ctrl+Shift+T on the.

Mac owners have another advantage over (most) iPad owners in the form of a keyboard shortcuts. Shift-Command-T will reopen the last opened tab —not so handy if you closed multiple tabs, but it can at.

Another neat feature is the ability to reopen a tab you accidentally closed, just like you can on the desktop with the Ctrl-Shift-T shortcut. It’s a small, but thoughtful touch. Subtitles and.

How To Re-Open Closed Tabs – Alternatively, Safari offers a keyboard shortcut so you can get that closed tab really.

Unfortunately, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome don’t offer quick ways to reopen closed tabs and windows.