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The account is very simple. It is called “Rare Cars” (@rarecars), and it tweets out Craigslist listings for rare cars. Or at least that’s what people want you to think. So stop trying to get your.

Facebook doesn’t take a cut of the profits, nor does it offer protection for either party — like Ebay does — but it is slightly more credible than Craigslist because it’s linked to your Facebook.

This is definitely good for those who want to sell things on Craigslist and also want another place to post it as well. Some people have experienced issues, but most seem to enjoy the experience well.

Craigslist has finally received its own mobile app – The core differences between the two mostly lie in navigation. The Craigslist app has a convenient set of menu options at the bottom, letting you visit your Account page, offer feedback, browse your.

One of the most convenient (yet underused) Craigslist features is the user account. From any Craigslist city page, click on My Account in the top left-hand corner.

You will find a lot of stuff to sell — and potentially use the proceeds to fill your savings account. You can’t sell weapons or fireworks on Craigslist. Other prohibited items include recalled.

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Should this happen, you will not be able to reinstate the account and you won’t be able to access your posts. To avoid expiration of your Craigslist account, make sure you post or at least log in.