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Chrome is losing four handy tab options that Google says you’re not using – Google is stripping some of the fat from Chrome, and has decided to remove several options from the context menu that appears when you right-click a tab. The options to create a new tab, close every.

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After updating to the latest version of Chrome for Android, you will see a new "Undo" prompt pop-up at the bottom of your screen when you close a tab. The prompt hangs out for only a few seconds, so.

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An open tab left in Safari, Chrome or the Google search app may reveal.

The Google search app hides the close-all-tabs option until you swipe to remove one of your open tabs from the carousel.

The ‘Close other tabs’ option appeared in the.

from a Chromium developer (first spotted on Reddit) plans to undo it are already afoot. The tab management feature is likely to reappear in Chrome.